CC Outtake: Two Veterans From The 80s – Opposites Attract

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True confessions: I’ve been without a camera for about two months. After I lost the latest of my numerous Lumix compact cameras, I decided I was tired of having them repeatedly go bad on me, because of getting dust into their lens and image sensors. I used to be able to take them apart and blow them clean, but not the latest ones. So I decided to finally get a smart phone; I’m not exactly what you call an early adopter. I’ll always have a camera handy. It took me a while until I figured out the best (cheap)  service provider for me (Ting), and bought a like-new iPhone 5s for $200 on Today I got it fired up, so I decided to hop on my bike and do some shooting, given thta the sun came out in full force.

One of the first thing I ran into was this nice 80s combo; two of the most opposite cars of that era.

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The guy that owned the Westfalia T3 came out and told me it was an ’83, the very last of the air-cooled engines. Yes, they’re a bit slower than the Wasserboxer, but they’re also more durable, and easier and cheaper to fix, according to him.

Then the owner of the 5th Avenue came from the park across the street with his kids to head home, and told me it was an ’88, the second to last year for the M-Body version.

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Two youngish guys with their ’80s cars; Eugene-mobiles both. There’s a curbside classic for every taste and lifestyle.

And my bike ride was very productive; a number of good finds; one exceptionally so. Stay tuned.