CC Outtake: Vintage Farm Tractor And A Few Other Shots From The Camino in Spain – Anyone Know The Brand?

Spain tractor side

A dear friend  just got back from hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, 500 miles of ancient pilgrim trail, from Bayonne, France to Santiago de Campostela, through farm country, as well as the open range, woods and mountainous. Among her many great photos, she took a few that would interest me, like this old blue tractor and a couple of old Renaults. I can’t identify it this; all I see is “DIESEL” on the hood. Any of you Europeans recognize it? Here’s the front:

Spain Tractor fr

A venerable old thing, in any case.

Spain R4

Renault 4s a re still a common sight in the rural areas, and this bright yellow one is a cheerful sight.

Spain R4 wagon

This R4 high-roof “wagon” is sweet. These French passenger versions of what started out as delivery vans are very influential, as the spawned a whole class of utilitarian but practical vehicles like the Renault Kangoo, and all of the others still being built. A real pioneer.