CC Outtake: What’s The Criteria For Replacing An Ancient VW Wagon? Make Sure It Has All The Same Stickers

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I shot this Dasher (Passat) wagon over four years ago. It’s a classic Eugene pose: in the Whiteaker neighborhood, old VW being used to carry out one’s trade (tree pruner, I assume), and lots of Oregon Country Fair parking passes on the rear window. And it’s been there ever since, with the pruning ladder always on top. Until the other day…and so guess what replaced it, to carry the pruning ladder?

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Of course…now an old Volvo 245 wagon would have worked just as well, but then finding one with almost all the exact same years’ of  Fair parking passes might have been difficult.  Maybe that’s what actually drove this purchase. Some mementos of life are hard to give up.

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