CC Outtake (with Video): The Human-Powered Pub-Crawl-Mobile

CC 235 048 1200

Starting with the explosively-growing Ninkasi Brewery some years back, Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood has seen an influx of numerous other breweries and pubs. And here’s the safe way to explore them all, on this pedal-powered pub-crawl-mobile. We caught this one in front of Ninkasi just moments before its “crew” came spilling out, giving me a chance to catch it in action.

CC 235 049 1200

Here’s how the seats and pedals are arranged, feeding a central drive shaft and an automotive-type rear axle. I noticed a battery pack on the back and asked the driver about that. He had an obvious answer: the electric motor was for maneuvering the rig when no one is aboard, as there’s no pedals for the driver. And it also lights up the headlight.

But there’s no need to cut in the motor when a freshly-fueled crew gets on board, ready to head over to Hop Valley.