CC Outtake: Woodie Day Calls For A Woodie Truck

How better to celebrate Woodie Day than with a woodie truck? I shot this just minutes ago, returning from a quick errand; sometimes life cooperates, other times not so. The only thing is, they should have left the stakes natural wood, and varnished them. Shucks!

I’ve always had a thing for compact vans trucks and I rather wish Chrysler had made a mini-pickup version of their mini-van. The bed does take 4×8 sheets between the wheels, has a very low bed height, it’s comfortable, and gets decent mileage. There is that small issue with its automatic, though. For a perspective on its size in comparison to today’s pickups, follow me:

Update: By request, I’m adding a shot of the tailgate, which is apparently held up by two bungee cords! Low-budget engineering.