CC Outtake: Would You Like To Hear About My Camaro? Umm; No Thanks

CC 195 019 900

I’m going to try avoiding editorializing here, since taste is not really debatable. But what drew me to this array was (like the Volt yesterday) the juxtaposition of old and new. And certainly, the Camaro does reflect much of the modern sensibility in design, if to an exaggerated degree. But is there some continuity too? Let’s just walk around them for a minute…

CC 195 020 900

Well, the eggcrate grille certainly does have a long tradition at Chevy, going back to the 1955’s handsome mouth.

CC 195 022 900

Not much shared heritage from this angle, especially in terms of visibility. From the inside out, that is; that Camaro shows up on google earth.

CC 195 023 900

So is this the inspiration for the Camaro’s taillights?

And here comes the driver of the Camaro. Actually, he didn’t use those exact words, but something to that effect. I assume he picked the color so that it would draw attention. And he did assume I was shooting only his car. Human nature.