CC Outtake: “Would You Like To Hear About My Challenger?” Just Kidding; But The Hearse Is What I Was After

CC 195 025 900

Ok; we’ve milked that line sufficiently. And I suspect that if the Challenger’s owner had come out, they would likely have gotten what I was after. Or at least I hope so.

CC 195 027 900

FWIW, this is right around the corner from where I shot the green Camaro. Now I’ve seen this bad boy hearse around before, but not in the bright sunlight. I assumed it only came out after dark. So I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity.

CC 195 028 900

Lots of curious items rolling around back here. Are those navy blue things door panels?

CC 195 029 900

They’re certainly not on the doors, although the pulls have been remounted. It has a rather skeletal feel.

CC 195 030 900

A table partially covered in beer bottle caps; I get it.

CC 195 032 900

It has a name.

CC 195 033 900

As well as a motto.

CC 195 036 900

It also has some body filler issues.

CC 195 037 900

Which are being addressed on the other side. An undertaking in progress.

CC 195 026 900