CC Outtake: Yet Another Green Forester

CC 205 067 800

We know how this forest-greenForester owner feels, given that we have one just like it. Needless to say, Subaru Foresters are one of the most popular cars in Eugene, and for some reason, the overwhelming majority from 1998 through about 2002 or 2003 are this exact color. One time, we were parking in a lot, and the first available space was between two green Foresters. Three green Foresters in a row; too bad I didn’t have my camera along then (pre-CC). Anyway, Stephanie wants a bumper sticker like this too, saying “Yet Another Green Forester”.

The only reason we bought a green one was because it was a “One At This Price” advertised special. I should have tried to switch for another one at the same price, but I’m a lousy negotiator.