CC Outtake: You Can’t Keep A Good Sheep Down

What you see here is ADD in action.  I went on a trip last winter with some fellow nursing students to help run a charity clinic in the village of Nuevo Progreso, in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.  While my classmates were criticizing what they saw as a subpar fire house, I took a few photos of this Trooper, which I rarely see in the American Midwest.

The macho pretense of its Japanese market name, Bighorn, didn’t translate into English.  That’s a shame because in its daily use, this Isuzu lives up to the hardiness of its namesake.


Depended on to move people and cargo over the town’s considerable potholes and caked in mud, this Trooper gets a workout daily.

Now this is an SUV I could live with, just make mine a turbodiesel.