1962 Plymouth & Dodge Article Postscript #1- Best Speedometer of the Era

As usual, the day after I published my ’62 Plymouth & Dodge article I woke up early and started thinking of numerous details and connections that I left out, never mind just some polishing and editing. So it’s going to be a work in progress. One of the details I forgot was to show you properly was just how fine the speedometer in the ’62 Plymouth was; the best of the whole era (and then some) and very C2 Corvette-worthy. And of course, it went away in the ’64 redo.

I’m cheating a little bit, since this is a ’65 Dodge Coronet dash, so familiar to me. And ever so dull and uninspired. And these horizontal speedometers were so non-linear, and hard to read, as the the numbers were most compressed right in the range where the speed limits were. What a let down.

Admittedly, the ’64-’65 Plymouth dash still had round instruments, but symmetrically placed and the speedometer was now the same small size as the others.