Curbside Classic: 1978-’79 Lincoln Town Car – The Lincoln Sleeps Tonight

I read the other day that scientists are thinking of bringing woolly mammoths back from extinction. This ancient whale appears to have beaten them to the punch; I found it parked in a substantial amount of 37th Avenue just off Victoria Drive one rainy night last week.

It’s many years since last I saw one of these in any condition, let alone one like this time traveller from its own era. Lookit the tires.

With lines and creases this long, any ding or prang would make itself known; I see none.

Nothing bent, misaligned, worn, or faded.

Nothing sagging or drooping, either.

No missing teeth…er…baleen, the pointy turn signal lenses aren’t broken, and the vacuum-operated headlamp doors haven’t sagged halfway (or more) into their failsafe-open mode, as eventually happened with seemingly all these covered-lamp Fords.