CC Outtake: 1967 Buick Riviera GS – Stunning


(first posted 2/10/2016)     This image does a lot for me. It’s the ideal combination of vantage point and subject matter. We’ve covered the Riviera quite a bit here, but CCommenter ‘jim’ has taken a superb shot worth sharing. I just love how those metallic planes capture the light, and how this angle really emphasises the mastery of the shape.


I’m taking the bar in the grille and italicised ‘GS’ fender badge as indication that this is a 1967 model. It marks a definite line in the sand for me; this body was introduced in 1966 but the 68-70 versions suffer from too much heavy-handed restyling for the sake of appearing updated. Something that was mostly avoided with the 1963-65 series, which had an admittedly shorter lifespan.


It’s pretty hard to find a bad angle on the 1966/67 Buick Riviera, and here’s another great one. That faceting on the rear surface plane is just… well, perfect. Maybe it’s time for a cold shower. Thanks jim.

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