Alleyside Outtake: 1987 Lincoln Town Car – 2009 and 2019

I’ve been shooting the old cars of Eugene for some ten years now, and needless to say, the streetscape has changed, a lot. I look at my old pictures and wonder what happened to all of those cars. I know a few got saved and sold off, but since I tend to be attracted to the scruffy ones, their fates were not so good. But there’s one car still sitting in the exact same spot on an alley near downtown, in front of a great old garage. When I came across it again recently, I decided to see how it was faring. Not all too well, obviously.

I’ve never been a fan of these box Lincolns, but my feelings have substantially mellowed over time. I may not have liked it in its time, but how can I not feel affection for this poor old neglected thing? It’s become a historical artifact, like that terrific old garage building that was undoubtedly built for Model Ts and such.

This interior shot is from 2009, before I mastered the art of eliminating the glare. It was getting a bit grotty then, maybe I was afraid to even look into it this time, as oddly I didn’t take any shots of it now. I’m sure it’s not gotten any better.

When I found it ten years ago, it looked like it had just been parked here recently, and developed a flat. I assumed someone would fix it and drive off with it again. Not so.

It’s lost a window along the way, but also gained a friend. I’ve shown you this old Chevy truck before, but I can’t find it now. I’m sure they have some interesting stories to swap.

I shall return in ten more years. If there’s a condominium building there, I will not be surprised. But maybe they could incorporate the Lincoln somehow.