Another Car I Almost Forgot Existed Outtake: Chrysler Sebring Retractable Hardtop

(first posted 1/4/2017)     Truth be told, Eugene’s car population tends to gravitate to certain types and brands, especially in my part of town, like the omnipresent Prius ahead of it.. Which means from time to time I run into newer/domestic cars that have just totally fallen off my radar, like this Sebring retractable hardtop. What? They made these? I couldn’t have told you that.

Sebring sedans are of course to be seen, if one looks hard enough, as they have somethign of the cloak of invisibility to them. And yes, I did remember that there was a Sebring soft-top convertible, to satisfy the rental counters in certain sunny locales. But a folding hardtop Sebring too? Jeez; Chrysler really was feeling a bit ambitious with this new generation of Sebring, eh? Well, that ambition was soon shattered like a piñata at a Mexican birthday party.

Turns out that both the soft and hard convertible tops were made by Karmann. And the hardtop only came as a Limited, with the 3.5 L V6 standard. I relearned something today, but the question is how soon I’ll forget it again.