Beachside Outtake: The Sun Sets On A Splendid Jeep Gladiator

CC reader John Kelley sent me these shots of this immaculate Jeep Gladiator parked at Duxbury Beach in Massachusetts just as the sun was slipping away. Not surprisingly, this Glad recently found its way to salty New England from Texas, which rather explains its condition.

There’s a bit of a surprise under the hood.

That’s the historic Powder Point Bridge visible through the windows. The transmission is a manual.

I’m not sure of the year of this Gladiator, as it gets a bit confusing with the various grilles, but I suspect it’s from around 1980 or later. These were made all the way through 1988.

I was rather expecting a V8, but that’s the venerable AMC 258 six there. That’s not the stock air cleaner, and I’m not sure that’s the original carb or not. One of you will know.

One more shot…


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