Beachside Outtake: Trinidad State Beach, Real And Representation

On a recent rip down the coast on the way to Fesno and the ultimate junk yard, I stopped overnight at Trinidad State beach in Humboldt County, where we used to vacation regularly when we lived in California. As I stepped out of my van, I was met with the sight of this. If it’s not obvious, here’s a crop:

Did the folks who rented this RV feel compelled to make a stop at the locale so proudly displayed on their rig?

I got out and walked down the beach a bit, for some morning air.

It’s a beautiful spot, although no more so than Port Orford—where I am right now—except for the redwoods (not seen here; they don’t like being right on the beach). Actually, we have a couple of redwoods on our property (someone presumably planted them), but they’re still babies. Come back in a couple of hundred years…