Curbside Outtake: 1960 Rambler Six Deluxe With Single Headlights – The Buyer Saved $23.50

I found this 1960 Rambler Six sitting curbside in Arvada, Colorado. Those odd looking 7″ sealed beam headlights caught my eye, so I grabbed my cell phone and took some shots.

By my recollection, these ’58-’60 Ramblers all used four sealed beam headlights, but after a bit of research it turns out the base-trim Deluxe models left the factory with two 7″ lamps, unless the owner ponied up $23.50 for a four light setup using 5 3/4″ lamps.

There it is in the brochure, the blue sedan. Single headlights for those really thrifty Rambler buyers.

If my memory is still to be trusted, the vast majority of owners chose the four beam option. Beyond the headlights, this is an utterly unremarkable, unmolested, survivor Rambler.

Paul took a close look at this generation Rambler here: 1959 Rambler Custom Six: “The Prophet”.

In contrast, Jason Shafer spun a yarn around a sister car to this one. Outside of a black paint job and quad headlights, it’s pretty much the same car: 1960 Rambler: “When It’s Time for Leaving”.