CC Definition: Swoon [verb] – What Tom Klockau Will Do When He Sees This Post

I had to stop by Menards this morning, and caught this land barge in the parking lot amidst all the contractor’s trucks… Good thing I got to it before Tom – he might have drooled all over that white leather interior!

What a delightful color combination, too. I suspect that green may not be the original shade, though. Looks a bit too energetic for 1974, which was the second year for the Eldorado to be its own series. Interestingly, the base price of the 1974 Eldo jumped from $7,873 to $9,437 mid-year – for comparison, a 1974 VW Beetle convertible would have set you back a mere $3,475.

It appears one could actually fit quite a lot of stuff in that (13.6 cubic foot capacity) trunk. Maybe there’s a new 50 gallon water heater hiding in there? Or perhaps a spare VW Beetle?

1973 brought beefed up bumpers to a lot of US-spec cars… this example from 1974 is sporting *dual* bumper guards! Behind that massive piece of chromed metal lies an 8.2l V8 engine making 210hp – equivalent to the combined horsepower of nearly four 1974 VW Beetles.

Only 7,600 Eldorado convertibles were built in 1974, so this is somewhat of a find, especially in this condition. And with that, I’ll hop in my own VW Beetle convertible and head off to work!