CC Outtake: Presumably Two Quantums With Front End Damage Are Better Than No Quantums

CC 62 086 925

Do the drivers in this house have a propensity for front end fender benders?

The Quantum was another silly VW name game pawn. It’s nothing other than the B2 Passat, renamed Quantum for the NA market. Why? Beats me; VW did this kind of thing as recently as 2003 when they foolishly tried to bring back the Rabbit name on the Golf Mk5. Most Quantums sold here were the wagon and four door sedan (called Santana elsewhere). The three-door hatchback was sold for the first two years, but quickly dropped. It’s become a very rare sight. Here’s what it looked like:

VW Quantum coupe

It sported what had to be one of the bigger rear side pieces of window glass. Now that would make an interesting challenge: to identify which car did have the largest rear windows ever. Any nominations?