CC Driveway Outtake: A Vibe Lover Lives Here

And I know for sure, because this is my brother’s driveway.

Actually the real Vibe lover is his father in law John, who is the designated finder of low cost transportation for this family.  Left to right is John’s Vibe, my nephew’s Vibe and my brother’s Vibe.

The Vibe is the preferred car because of it’s utility, quality and cheap price.  John has become quite an expert at hunting down inexpensive Vibes in stellar condition.

This is the back of my nephew’s.  No, I don’t know what it transforms into.

It’s a great car for a college aged kid, like a shrunken minivan, perfect for moving a student between home and school.  He’s also a certified Vibe enthusiast, and while I was doing my epic trip to the CC meetup in Detroit he was doing an epic trip to the GenVibe meetup in Louisville KY.

The last Gen1 Vibes were made in 2008, so the window is starting to close on Vibe ownership for my brother’s family.  I wonder if they’ll all be driving the same vehicle in 2027, and what will that be?

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