CC Outtake: 1971 Plymouth Satellite – Poetry In The Parking Lot

On a recent warm, sunny, summer day,

There was a needed item for which I’d have to pay.

Excited, I was not from my house when I did depart,

As the destination of my journey was stinking Wal-Mart.

If finds such as this Plymouth were an ironclad guarantee,

I might shop there more than twice annually.

This B-body Plymouth was a find exquisite and rare,

especially when enhanced to such a period air.

I once wrote an uncharitable CC on a similar ’72,

Low mileage, 318 powered, and painted blue.

There’s no way this Satellite came from Highland Park painted plum,

As odds would be better of catching Lynn Townsend sucking his thumb.

Yet six and forty years later,

you’re not reading a hater.

He’s rather enamored with this tan gutted Satellite,

As finding it made a trip to nasty Wal-Mart a delight.

A green ’71 was repeatedly spotted three years ago in Jefferson City.

Is this it?  Who knows?  It’s being driven; if not, that would be a pity.