CC Driveway Outtake: Three Old Cars, One Very Nice One

These neighbors share a mutual interest in vintage cars. But their tastes diverge some, and not just between domestic and import.


The Tempo and Olds are beaters although probably younger than the BMW. This 635CSi is in very nice condition, and makes quite the contrast.



I still think the greenhouse is just a tad too tall, but the Bavarians needed to make sure it wasn’t going to be too hard to get in and out of. As it is, it’s lower than the initial proposal for a replacement for the E9 coupe, but Bob Lutz apparently had a hissy fit over that and convinced them to go back to the drawing board. Don Andreina’s superb review and analysis of Paul Bracq’s work at BMW covers that episode here.



I’m not a big pinstrip fan, especially on more modern cars, but these are a nice touch.


I’m guessing this is a late model, as that looks like an air bag steering wheel. The 635CSi was first sold in the US in 1985, and the E24 was built until 1989.


Not the best seat(s) in the house.

The first US version of the 635CSi had 182 hp, and in1988, that was upped to 208 hp.


So which of the three would you take home?