CC For Sale: Gen1 Honda Accord Sedan – An Un-Motivated Seller?

I’ve seen this green gen1 Accord sedan in the driveway of this house for quite a few years, and I’ve posted it before. I figured it was someone’s long-term love. But even the most steadfast romance can come to an end, so it is with this Accord. it’s now been booted out to the curb, and has a For Sale sign on it. But maybe the seller isn’t all that motivated, or even a bit ambivalent, as there’s no price or phone number.

Just this homemade sign in the windshield. Is that going to attract potential buyers? Ok; maybe it’s listed on craig’s famous list or such. The other question is: who’s going to buy it?

Is a gen1 Accord sedan collectible? Or will it just go to someone looking for cheap wheels? I’d like to think the former. Maybe someone who had one back in 1978 or so, and wants to relive the experience? How many forty-year old Accords are left, especially in such nice shape?

Like all Hondas of that era, the upholstery has a particular lack of stamina. Well, it has to have some sort of weak spot. Oh, right; the rust! Well, obviously that’s not a problem in Oregon, despite our long, wet winters. There’s not a blemish on the outside.

The back seat looks surprisingly good, except at the top of the head rests, where the UVs have hit it.

Are you interested? If it’s still there, I could knock on the door and let her know. If it’s back in the driveway, I won’t bother. Love can be fickle.