CC For Sale: Mercedes 450 SL – Actually It’s Gone Already, Thankfully

Yes, you’ll have to just imagine buying this Mercedes 450SL, as it’s already gone. I do that all the time, and I highly recommend it; it’s much less stressful and expensive than actually buying old cars you fall for. And in this case, it might really be for the best.


I don’t follow the old car market, so I’ll leave it to others to comment about the asking price. It did take a while to sell. But then I talked to the owner about it briefly, who lives down the street and is an occasional CC reader. He had company and didn’t go into detail, but he seemed real eager to get rid of it and made some facial gestures that underscored that. A demanding mistress, in other words. But then what do you expect when taking on a classic Benz? It may well have still had issues at this time.


The For Sale sign doesn’t specify the year, but it would have to be between 1974 and 1980, the last year for the 450. In 1981, the notoriously weak-chested 380SL replaced it, in an effort to improve the perpetually bad EPA mileage ratings of the 450 series cars.

This is the second car of his to make it to the pages of CC; there’s the official CC van in his driveway, an Olson Kurb Side. And a hot red Abarth has taken up residence as of late. Must be quite different to drive than the rather ponderous SL.

Remarkably enough, we’ve never done a proper CC on the R107 SL. And yet some cars are on their third go-around. Anybody interested to give it the love it deserves? One of you readers or contributors had a love (or hate) affair with one? I’ve got pictures of more of them.