CC Global: Going CC Hunting

I love taking a break on the weekend and heading off for a few hours, moving around areas of Cape Town, to see what CC’s I can track down.


Yesterday I decided to head for Woodstock, Salt River and Observatory, three suburbs close to the city centre. They are a down to earth mix of industrial and residential use. Quite a bit of my life has played out here, my first job was in Woodstock, I lived in Observatory in the early 90’s, and this area is the original heart of Cape Town’s clothing industry, of which I am part of.

On the way I ran into this very original take on a Porsche Spyder replica. Check out the vertical rear wing. Gotta love it!


Didn’t hear it take off, but I hope it doesn’t have a V8 as advertised on the rear. Yikes!


The downside of going in the afternoon, the best time for photography, is that 50% of everything is going to be in the shade. As Tim Gunn of Project Runway would have said “Make it work!”

This is an original Mk 1 Golf, the 3 door models were only sold here briefly in the 80’s. the later CitiGolf’s only came in 5 door format.


Colour is not hard to find here! There are many beautiful old buildings here and the strong colours used echo the intense energy on the street. Crossfire’s were sold here for a while and I still find the styling fresh and desireable, much nicer than some of the forgetable blobs being put out by other manufacturers at that time..


Murals are all over, down to the strong youth and student mix.


Pity I couldnt line up the mural and the Beetle. I’m no fan of matt paint but this is nice.


Just when I think nothing more is going to happen.. I run into a lovely old Volvo 164. The number plate connection is a bit tenuous, but the headlamp wipers are still intact.


The number of pictures I take from my drivers seat.. is huge. If the area is dodgy, if the wind is howling, if my knees feel stiff..

Looking at the tyres this Volvo still operates regularly.

So what did I see but don’t have pics for? I took pics of a Renault Avantime on the move, but they are not great. I saw a mid 70’s Mitsubishi Colt 2600 against a beautiful mural. I had to whizz round the block as I couldn’t find parking, when I got back the very grumpy looking owners were in the process of getting in and driving off, and.. I saw an NSU RO80, in original good condition,  not pristine, being piloted quite vigourously by three very professorial looking types. I took off after them, but the NSU, making some very wankly sounds, shot up Roodebloem Road hill and onto the freeway, heading out of town, so I let it go.

Hope you have enjoyed what I found!