CC Maintenance: The 5 Minute Stuck Window Fix – Why I Keep My Truck Around

The window mechanism on my ’66 F100 has been exposed to the elements for over 50 years now, so I wasn’t too surprised when it started getting very balky this winter, a progressive issue these past some years. The few times I had to use it, it was getting almost impossible to roll the window down or up, even with me helping out by pushing or pulling on the glass. But then it was cold and rainy, so I didn’t really need it. That all changed one day recently when the sun finally came out and the temperature jumped 20 degrees. Spring is finally here!

But the window would not roll down; frozen solid. Procrastination time is over…

I grabbed my electric screw driver, popped out the six screws, and took off the access panel. Yes, things were getting a bit rusty up in there, after being drenched in almost continuous rain here the past four months. I grabbed a can of lubricating oil and started shooting up in there, hoping to hit the main “gearbox” hidden from ready view as best as I could.

Like the Tin Man finally getting oiled after being frozen up so long, the mechanism slowly came to life again as I cranked back and forth on the handle. It was iffy at first, but there was a point where it quickly got better and better. And withing a minute or two, it was better than it had been for years. Isn’t it amazing how we procrastinate until we just can’t any longer? Now about that tailgate mechanism.

This is why I love my truck; if anything does break, it’s (hopefully) often just this easy.