CC Neighborhood Outtake: Two Evergreens

Like seemingly everything else, new car and truck cycles have sped up. Cars and trucks used to stay in production for much longer, at least in the 80s and 90s. These two are stellar examples of that: the Subaru GL (Leone) was built for eleven years (1984-1994). But that’s nothing compared to these Ford trucks, that stayed in production for a whopping 18 years (1980-1997), with just a couple of new front ends along the way as well as various improvements.

This is a classic Subaru, from a time before CUVs were invented. if you wanted an economical, rugged, AWD wagon, this was it. This generation came out in 1985 and was called GL in the US, but had its name changed to Loyale after the Legacy arrived in 1989. It was kept on as a lower cost alternative for some years yet.


These are from the pre-head-gasket-busting era, and the 1.8 boxer four in these has a rep for being very durable.

I’m now wishing I’d taken another shot of the big F250, but it’s hard for me to think of them as genuinely vintage trucks now, given how common they were and still are, mostly. And how many millions were built over those 18 years (17 for the F-150)?

I’m going to guess these two may still have some years ahead of them. The question is which one will outlive the other?