CC On The Go Outtake: 1967 Checker Marathon – Still Running The Marathon Of Life

CC 259 039 1200

I’m always very heartened when I see this distinctive green Checker Marathon on the road. It’s being driven by its original owners, who bought it new in 1967. When they were forty years old. You do the math. I’ll give you a hint: they’re almost ninety, and they’re still tooling around town in the Checker. Which has a three-speed manual (on the column) and manual steering and brakes. So now you know why I never take a sighting of them in their Checker for granted. 

CC 259 040 1200

Strictly speaking, only one of them is in the Checker, the husband. I’m hoping that’s just temporary.

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I shot their wonderful car five years ago, when I ran into them at our local butcher shop. I wish I had taken pictures of them too. They told me about all of the wonderful journeys they’d made in the Marathon, all over the US, Canada and Mexico. I wrote it up here.

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Sometimes it appears unexpectedly in my shots, like with this Fiat 1500 Cabriolet. I see it at least once every couple of months. I’d love to have that wagon, but I can’t bring myself to ask if it’s going to be for sale sometime soon, as that has such morbid implications. But I know it won’t be popping up that much longer.


CC 1967 Checker Marathon – The Ultimate Long-Live Vehicle Is Still Being Driven By Its Original Owners

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