CC On-The-Go Outtake: X-Body Skylark Still Rolling in Eugene

FWD X-Body cars are getting scarce even in Eugene. I saw a Citation, in that Creamsicle color-combo, sitting on the top of the scrap steel pile at our local metal recycling facility just the other day. But then, just as I was beginning to despair at the thought of our streets being X-Free, here comes this Skylark, making a left turn while we were waiting to cross the street on our walk. And yes, I’m more convinced than ever that the Skylarks were better built than the Citations, as they seem to have outlived them all.

Bonus: two gen1 Honda CRVs in the shot. Back to the Skylark: this looks to be one of the later year versions, which were undoubtedly better put together than the first ones. But then as I told the story here, I drove a 1980 Skylark as my company car for almost two years, and it was pretty good. The station had four of them, on a fleet purchase, and one of them soldiered on for quite along while.

Well, I’d like to think this one will too.