CC Outake: 1994 Toyota HiAce Fire Truck With 4900 Miles – Welcome to Eugene!

The 25 year rule for importing non-compliant cars and trucks is bringing all sorts of new eye candy to our streets. I’ve seen a couple of old Mercedes fire trucks from Germany, but this is the first Japanese one. And what great little rig it is, a 1994 Toyota HiAce 4×4, with 4900 miles on the odometer. It’s time to take this out in the boonies of Eastern Oregon and finally break it in.

Here’s the proof, if it’s needed.

It wasn’t, as one look at its interior makes obvious. It looks factory fresh!

I see thta’s a double seat on the left side, although one would want to have pretty skinny passengers there if there’s going to be two of them.

Plenty of room in the back seat.

And of course the fresh air section has room for a whole fire brigade.

I don’t know how big a fire brigade is, but there’s room for at least three or four.

The detailing is mighty fine.

When I saw this, I started imagining a little camper body on the back. This would be a lot better for exploring Saline Valley than my Promaster.

Welcome to America!