CC Outake/QOTD: How Far Was This Century Driven On Its Steel Rim?

This Buick Century showed up at the curb (on the wrong side of the street) one morning just down the block from my cluster of rentals. I’d never seen it around before, and it continued to sit there, until eventually someone called the city about it, and it was tagged and finally towed away after about two weeks. The question is, just how far did they drive on that steel rim, and why did they stop here?

No, this wasn’t just a tire that blew and then the driver pulled over. This happened some, possibly quite a few miles earlier. There’s not much left of the tire.

And the rim shows quite substantial damage. Must have been a fun drive, although I’m guessing the driver may well have only fuzzy memories of it. And clearly didn’t care what happened to the car. So how far? 5 miles? 25? 50?