CC Outtake: 1964 Ford Falcon Futura – Keeping Portlandia Predictable

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Is the Falcon the ultimate hipster-mobile? Yes. Laurence Jone’s argument for that is right here. Is Portlandia the ultimate hipster city? Did you have to ask? So finding this ’64 Futura sedan parked in the Montevilla district on a recent visit was anticlimactic. But it did not have the obligatory Keep Portland Weird bumper sticker. Let’s face it; everything that might once have been weird in Portland has long become utterly predictable.

Just in case you haven’t caught Portlandia on tv yet, here’s a little sampler from the first season, which we watched. It was fairly funny, but hit a bit close to home; we haven’t watched the subsequent seasons. Eugene is sort of a mini-me Portland, and there’s really no need for the locals to watch what we see all too often. But if you’re still a stranger to how things are in Portland, there’s no better way to get a taste, even if it is a bit concentrated and overly-crafted (oh oh; that sounds a bit too hipsterish).

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Back to the car. These Falcons really are the perfect car for the role they’ve been given in Portland, as they’re the perfect antidote to the ’69 Camaro z-28 clones and such that are still hot in the small farm-town and lumber-mill burgs. The Falcon was geeky and nerdy in its day, and now it’s been embraced by that set as an icon to geeky nerdiness. As long as it’s a six; no V8s, please!

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The two-speed FordOMatic makes a perfect team with the wheezy 170 cubic inch six, to leave no doubt about this NOT being a performance car. That is supremely important.

Here’s a clip from Portlandia that deals with the difficult subject of buying a car. Too bad a Falcon wasn’t included.

And here’s one that should really have been shot in a Prius.

And a final salute to…intersection etiquette, and the Yugo.

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Ok; I’ve more than had my fill; no wonder I rarely watch tv. Well, actually we do, in the winter, but pretty selectively. This winter’s viewing was the four seasons of The Killing, which was set in that more northerly city of the PNW, Seattle. But it had a rather different vibe altogether.