CC Outtake: 1968 Volvo 142S

Sorry for the crummy pictures but I only had my crummy phone. As you might know, a 1968 142S was my first car, which makes it particularly endearing to me. So when I saw this one downtown I had to snap a few photos. It appeared to be in all original condition and a daily driver. But just as I was gettign read to shoot, the owner came along.

He was an older man who matched the car well. He told me that he had just had the engine rebuilt on the car, owned it since 1980. He was planning to put a five speed transmission from an XR4ti in it, apparently there is a kit for that. We talked for a good while, the man knew a lot more about old Volvos than I. But we both agreed that when the last of the 200 series was built, Volvo stopped making real Volvos (I know our editor Tom Klokau will take up arms on this point).  That’s not to say I would not own a newer Volvo, but it’s no “Brick” like these old beauties.  Simple, rugged, dependable, roomy, and safe.