CC Outtake: 1969 Ford F250 At Work

Most classic car fans have a soft spot for old pickup trucks, which satisfy both the emotional attachment to the style and mechanical systems of the past and the rational need for a vehicle that can haul things.  Proof of it on this site abounds, from Paul’s 1966 Ford F-100 to numerous other vehicles, including a 1966 Ford F-250 that I profiled last year.  Seeing an old unrestored pickup still at work can brighten an ordinary day, and this instance during a lunch break certainly did.  Driven by a young man who looked only slightly more than half the age of his truck, this 1969 Ford F-250 is a heavy duty workhorse of the 1960s, repurposed into a millennial’s utility vehicle.  It was going totally meta by hauling away used kitchen equipment from a large chain restaurant, likely to be repurposed for use in a newer, smaller restaurant’s kitchen.

Dents, scratches, faded paint, some rust, missing trim, and other external flaws that would make a classic car look run down all add to the appeal of this 48 year old 3/4 ton, which has capacity to spare here.  The door on the side of the bed is for access to the factory option tool compartment that allows carrying small items securely, giving this truck an extra measure of utility.  It looks ready for another several decades of work, perhaps driven by a Generation Z owner many years from now.