CC Outtake: 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Coupe – Greenery

CC 277 099 1200

This was a shot I couldn’t pass up: Not only is the vintage apartment a very appropriate setting for this 1970 Cutlass coupe, it’s also sporting green trim. And even the parking lot is turning green. Everything wants to turn green here in winter…Let’s walk over and take a closer look.

CC 277 087 1200

1970 Cutlasses don’t exactly grow on trees anymore. Especially when it’s a slightly tatty one that looks like it still gets used.

CC 277 088 1200

I wasn’t too wild about the hump that sprouted on the (formerly) sleek hips of the ’68-’69 Cutlass. But Olds was getting away from that slabby-fuselage look that was pioneered by them on the 1966 Toronado. Since the Toro was a bit of a disappointment, it’s clean flanks soon were sullied, and the Cutlass came along for the ride.

CC 277 096 1200

Standard power came from either a 155 (gross) hp 150 Chevy six or the 250 hp 350 Olds V8. Optional on this Cutlass S model was a 325 hp 350 V8, which would have made for a pretty lively car. The optional automatic was the quite new THM-350. Made for a great combo with the V8s, and none were better than the Olds.

CC 277 095 1200

There was condensation on the window, so getting a good shot was a bit tricky. But there it is, a green interior. Well, with a green exterior, that was fairly obvious for 1970.

CC 277 091 1200

Green and gray; the two most common colors here this time of year.

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