CC Outtake: 1972 Chevrolet K20 4WD Pickup – Retired Camper Hauler

This is my favorite year (or two) for these Chevy pickups, because I’m particularly fond of that fine egg crate grille. It’s the best version of the three grille types on this generation (1967-1972), and is distinguished from the near-identical 1971 by virtue of its rear view mirror being glued to the windshield instead of hung from the cab roof.

And this one is a bit more rugged than average, being a 3/4 ton C20 with 4WD. That wasn’t nearly as common as today, although this generation went a long way towards civilizing 4WD, with a new drive line arrangement that lowered the body compared to the hi-boy 4WDs of  previous generations.

This was a well-optioned truck, with the deluxe cab too.


And an automatic transmission to boot.  Based on the fender call-out, this one sports the ubiquitous 350 (5.7 L) V8. Standard was the 250 six or 307 V8, the 350 and the big 402 were optional, as well as the long-stroke 292 six.


Chevrolet finally went to steel beds in this generation. This one looks like its survived the Oregon winters pretty well, but then it probably had a camper on its back at least some of the time.


The proof of that are those two big hod-downs on the side of the bed. This would have made a fine camper-hauler, even if it’s not a Longhorn model, but then that unique version with an 8 1/2 foot bed was not available as a 4WD, I’m pretty sure.