CC Outtake: 1973 Ford F250 And F350 – Make Up Your Mind

CC 279 022 1200

This very colorful vintage Ford hauling a big trailer caught my eye. Who could miss it? Nice; and still hard at work. But what’s up with the badging?

CC 279 024 crop

Well, obviously it’s an F350, with the dual rear wheels. Presumably the front fender got swapped out at some point, and the donor was an F250.

CC 279 024 1200

The front bumper could use replacing too, or just driving it against a sturdy wall to bend it back into shape. That’s what I’d do, naturally.

CC 279 025 1200

Not exactly a stock exhaust system. They normally just exit down under the bed, behind the cab. maybe they really like hearing an FE V8 at full chat. I don’t blame them. The big single pipe from the 360 V8 in my ’77 Dodge camper exits on the driver’s side, a bit behind the cab, and the sound through a low-restriction truck muffler on it is delightful. Especially working up a mountain.

CC 279 027 1200

This truck works hard still, from the load in it and the big trailer. I can just hear it now.