CC Outtake: 1974 (or so) Dodge D100 Step Side Pickup – How’d You Get Those 16″ Factory Wheels?


On our urban hike to the river and Skinner Butte the other day, I noticed this older Dodge pickup in the parking lot, with a gentleman sitting in the cab reading. What also caught my attention were those wheels, with the tiny center section for the little hubcaps, and the large area between that and the rim. Those don’t look like typical stock wheels of the period. They look too big, like the 16′ wheels that used to come on pickups back in the day.

The owner didn’t want to roll down the window and talk, but he gestured that it was ok for me to take some shots. Yup, that’s no 15 incher.

Which was confirmed by a closer look at the tire sidewall, as if it was necessary. Well, given that this is a very basic stripper stepside truck, undoubtedly with the slant six under its hood, I assume it was ordered with 16″ tires by a government fleet buyer. And of course, now that I look at this picture, there’s the distinctive Air Force blue on the rim; the rest of truck was obviously resprayed, and not very carefully.

I know the Air Force had a fleet of Dodge crew cab pickups in the 60s, to use as B-52 crew shuttles, among other things. We covered that here. So it certainly wouldn’t surprise me that they also bought some regular cab versions too.

Of course all of this is speculation, and I may well be wrong.


This truck and its owner hail from The Land of Enchantment (New Mexico), so it looks like it’s finally getting off the base and seeing the world. It’s never too late. And it undoubtedly makes for a pretty reliable road tripper.


The bed topper doesn’t quite fit, but it’s close enough for government work.