CC Outtake: 1974 Pontiac Grand Prix – A Grand Night Out

1974 Pontiac Grand Prix CC crop

CC Fever can run in families.  My brother, Peter, spotted and photographed this beautiful, ’74 Grand Prix on the bricks of Hendry Street in downtown Fort Myers, Florida, about a year ago.  In the background is the historic Edison Theatre Building, which originally opened in 1941 and was converted to law offices at some point during the 1980’s.  It’s doubtful that a car as nice as this ‘Prix would have been parked downtown when new in ’74 for a first-run film at this older theater.  However, the reflections of the streetlights and that glorious, neon marquee gleaming off the sculpted, neoclassic sheetmetal and chrome of our subject car makes me believe it happened.  C’est si bon!

1974 Pontiac brochure cover, Grand Prix CC

Peter’s shot brought to my mind the moody, nocturnal feel of the photography featured in Pontiac sales brochures of the 1970’s.  It wasn’t wasted on me that the GP on the ’74 brochure cover was sitting on brick pavement, as was our featured car.  My siblings and I may have differing perspectives on what it was like to grow up in our GM factory town in the 70’s and 80’s.  All the same, my brother’s clear appreciation of this beautiful Grand Prix finished in spicy Fire Coral Bronze shows it’s likely our love of cars was heavily influenced by the environment in which we grew up.

Downtown Ft. Myers, Florida.
Friday, January 16, 2015.

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