QOTD: Mazda 6 or Jaguar XE – Which Car Looks More Like a “Jag”?


I’ve always been a fan of the Mazda 6 – even going back to its predecessor, the Mazda 626 that first debuted in the US in 1979.  But I was staggered when the current model came out in 2013 – it was an absolutely beautiful design – and the first thought that came to my mind was……

…….”this thing looks more like a Jaguar than any models that brand currently sells.”


Look at those curves……


And sensuous flowing lines……….


Closely hewing to the gorgeous Takeri concept from which it was derived……


So when Jaguar bowed its new mid-size XE model in 2015, I was somewhat underwhelmed.  Not unattractive, but does it really evoke the visual image of a Jaguar?


To me, it just seems an amalgamation of various styling elements from a variety of different sport sedans – BMW 3 Series front and rear, Audi A4 sides, and Honda Accord greenhouse.  Derivative…….not a word you’d associate with a Jaguar.


I just have this feeling that if you were to de-badge each car, put 50 average folks in a room, pull back the curtain, and ask “which one is a Jaguar”,  a majority would pick the Mazda……….

What do you think?