CC Outtake: 1975 Mercury Marquis Brougham – Uncle Buck Goes To The Opera

Last November, Vince C. profiled “The Cars Of John Hughes’ Movies” (which was / is a must-read).  Having been a kid who spent the biggest chunk of my childhood in the ’80s, the late, great John Hughes has long been one of my favorite filmmakers, and I could watch any combination of his pictures in an all-day Saturday marathon on most any given weekend.  I love that many of Mr. Hughes’ movies were set in and around Chicagoland, which I have called home for what has now been over a third of my life.

Just a few weeks ago, while I was in southwest Florida, this fine specimen of a ’75 (or so) Mercury Marquis made its presence known in traffic.  I immediately thought of the titular character of “Uncle Buck” portrayed by John Candy, and his similar-era, smoke-belching Marquis – which was also brown.  It didn’t really matter that Buck Russell’s example looked like it could barely (if at all) pass safety inspection, in comparison to this glistening creampuff.  Every time I see a Mercury Marquis / Marquis Brougham / Grand Marquis of this generation, it will probably always remind me of John Candy’s portrayal of Buck.

Our featured Marquis appeared to be in pristine condition, and even the tires were shiny with what might have been Armor All or Tire Wet.  I could manage only one photo of it from the front passenger’s side of the car I was riding in.  I had initially thought about making this piece a “Wordless Outtake”… but then I noticed something.  You know those “Hocus Focus” dual images in the funnies section of the Sunday morning newspaper?  My mind’s eye did a double-take, as something seemed slightly unique about this example.  When I was able to get to a proper computer, my suspicions were justified.

I could find no examples on-line of this era of Marquis two-door that came from the factory with opera windows.  The Mercury Cougar XR-7 of the same vintage had them.  Various Lincolns (Continental Town Car, Town Coupe, and Mark IV and V) for sale at the same Lincoln-Mercury franchises had them.  But the Marquis?  Not that I could confirm.  Of our featured car, I’d like to think that Uncle Buck finally won big at the horse track, married his long-time girlfriend Chanice Kobolowski, had his Marquis restored, and (heck with it!) had those opera windows installed!  Thank you, John Hughes and John Candy, for often making me laugh until it hurt.

Ft. Myers, Florida.
Friday, December 29, 2017.