QOTD: What’s The Most Infuriating Visual Afterthought?

Mitsubishi remains one of Australia’s best-selling brands and has a better image here than in other markets such as the US and Canada. As a result, I see a lot of Mitsubishis around. Do I think they deserve this level of success? Well, they don’t build anything offensively bad but much of what they sell is outdated and yet just competitive and well-priced enough to stay relevant. But that’s not why I dislike Mitsubishis. The main reason? Their back-up cameras. 

Mitsubishi doesn’t even try and integrate the back-up camera into the trunk handle or the badge or the license plate surround, like other manufacturers do. It just sticks out like a wort. It makes me irrationally angry because, typically, the rear-view camera is only on the higher-end models.

This means buyers are paying more for their Mitsubishi, only to get something that looks so cheap slapped on their trunk lid. And to make matters worse, it’s not even centered on the back of Mirages, even though it is on the Lancer and Triton/L200.

Lincoln also used to slap a reversing camera on their MKZ, even though other models had a more integrated design. Fortunately, they cut that nonsense out with the 2013 redesign and also integrated the formerly extruding keypad lock, too.

What obvious visual afterthought irritates you?