Curbside Find: 1977 (or so) Chevy C10 Pickup – It’s Not Only Old Ford Pickups That Are Still At Work

(first posted 6/25/2018)  The ratio of old Ford to Chevy pickups from the mid-70s through the 80s here is clearly a bit lopsided. And obviously it’s not rust that’s a factor. Well, this is Ford country. And there’s just more natural appeal to an old Ford truck, for one reason or another. But that’s not to say there aren’t a decent number of these wide-side Chevys around too, still earning their keep like this one for Garden Starters. Let’s spread a little luv around for it.

Frankly, it’s not easy for me to find a lot of actual reasons why these should be considered inferior to their blue oval counterparts. The 292 six is just a hair behind the Ford 300 six in terms of the ultimate six banger torque factories. And Chevy V8s are just hunky dory, despite the prejudice some harbor against them. And if it does peter out, it’s not like just about any Chevy V8 from 1955 up won’t pop right in.

Yes, the interior shows signs of the General’s bean counters at work. But who cares if there’s a crack in the dash or the lower door side panel feels a bit cheesy? It gets the job done.

I’ve got a neighbor who does heat and ventilation duct contracting, and he’s been driving his early 80s Chevy pickup every day for work for some 20 years now, after her replaced his ’65 C10 with it in about 1998 or so. And my next door neighbor is part of a pickup pool, where three or four folks share a pickup for weekend garden work and such. They’ve got a similar vintage Chevy thta’s been doing the chores for going on 20 years now too.

Yes, these make great old work trucks. I’m not stingy with my love.