Curbside Outtake: 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix – Lemon-Blueberry Freeze

1978 Pontiac Grand Prix with custom paint

I used to love working in the Sears Willis Tower, and one of my favorite things about arriving there in the morning and leaving in the afternoon was that various Curbside Classics would sometimes appear in the rush hour traffic near its southeastern intersection of Jackson and Franklin.  In fact, two of my earliest photo submissions to the Curbside Cohort that were featured at this site were snapped right outside this iconic skyscraper: an early-’70s Mustang Grande notchback and a ’75 Caprice Classic convertible.  Parked mere yards away from where those two vehicles were rolling along at different points in time was our featured Grand Prix.  Nineteen Seventy-Eight was the first year of this generation of downsized A-Body personal luxury coupes from GM.

I realize that neither the basic styling of this Grand Prix (“Medium Prix“?) nor its paint job are going to be to everyone’s liking.  I, however, like both.  Long before I had watched the Steve McQueen classic movie “The Hunter” as a kid, where a bad guy stole a really nice, two-tone green example of one of these and subsequently plummeted something like ten stories from Marina City Towers into the (really filthy) Chicago River of the late-’70s, I had admired the clean, taut styling of these cars.

While this paint job may appear to lack technical precision of the work of a high-end body shop, the overall effect is pleasing.  To me, this color combo seems not unlike a delicious, blended blueberry-lemonade frozen slush that had been sitting in the refrigerator for a little while awaiting later consumption, having emulsified into sweet blueberry flavoring on the upper half and tart lemonade on the bottom.  An actual slush like that may have been just what the doctor ordered after work on a warm day in mid-July, almost five years ago.

Downtown, The Loop, Chicago, Illinois.
Thursday, July 16, 2015.