Cohort Outtake: 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Convertible – The Last Big Chevy Ragtop Takes Off

Chevrolet 1975 Caprice conv JD

I keep finding more of Joseph Dennis’ Chicago street shots at the cohort that I can’t resist showing. This one shows the last of the big Chevy convertibles in a nose-up takeoff position, getting a hole shot on that CTA bus. No burning rubber, though; it was the malaise era, after all. But the torquey 454 was still available.

Chevrolet 1975 conv br

The convertible only rated a little corner of the 1975 Chevrolet brochure. Sales actually jumped a bit in 1975, to 8,349, almost double of the number of convertibles sold in 1974. Word was out that this was the end of the line, so it was now or never.