CC Outtake: 1981 VW Vanagon, 911 Powered – “It Cruises Happily At 100”

CC 281 001 1200

(first posted 3/26/2016)    When I pulled into the empty parking space at Jerry’s, I couldn’t help but notice the bright yellow T3 Vanagon in front of me. Very nice shade of yellow. And I noticed the big wheels. And the I saw the license plate, which I don’t have to read back to you. Aha! That needs a closer look.

CC 281 003 1200

One can never be totally sure, just because the license plate has a magic number on it. But the exhaust system looked quite correct; for a Porsche, that is.

CC 281 004 1200

Still; need to be 100% sure. Good thing I’m wearing my grubby work pants….Yes; it’s the real thing. I’ve harbored fantasies about a Vanagon with a 911 engine. Who hasn’t?

Porsche B32-560x373-8ea334bcdae84ebe

Never mind…the guys at Porsche did, with their legendary T3 B32. They built nine, and mulled over the idea of building some to sell, but decided they would be too expensive and that the market was too small.

CC 281 010 1200

The owner/builder happened to be sitting in it, waiting for the actual shopper. He told me it was an ’83 911SC engine, transmission and much more back there (basically, the whole rear end). And I’m quite sure he said the brakes (front, I assume) were from a Boxster. There’s no doubt that he said “it scoots right along, and will cruise happily at 100”. I don’t doubt it one bit.

CC 281 007 1200

The VW logo on the front “grille” (only used to feed fresh air to the inside compartment) makes a clear statement about what’s in the back.

CC 281 009 1200

Unfortunately, my iPhone flubbed the best shot. Oh well; you get the picture.