CC Outtake: 1982 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale Brougham – The Great Brougham Extinction Is In Its Late Stages

CC used to be crawling with post’77 B-Bodies, Broughams, and both together. Not so much anymore. Has Brougham Fever abated? Are B-Bodies passé?  Well, they’re getting to be a bit scarce on the ground, and now I make a point to document each one. Like this ’82 Delta 88 Royale Brougham, which is actually something of an imposter since it’s missing both the requisite padded vinyl top and the fake wire wheel covers. Brougham? In name only. Is the Great Brougham Era at CC coming to an end?

We can only guess what’s under its long hood. Coming right off the nasty second energy crisis, 1982 was not exactly a high water mark for the brand that once was brimming with powerful Rocket V8s. The 231 Buick V6 (110 hp) was standard. The first step up option was the baby 260 V8, which according to my Almanac was rated at 100hp, although that doesn’t make much sense. The most powerful engine on tap was the 140hp Olds 307 V8, an engine that has inspired epic comment battles here about its legendary lethargy or prowess. The 105 hp 350 diesel V8 was also available, and in 1982, that was still fairly common, although word was definitely getting out. It’s days were numbered.

If the exterior is not exactly Broughamtastic, the interior is at least trying. The loose pillow look though is only on the seat back, unlike the Buicks, which had them on the seat bottom too. The Sloan Ladder is still alive!

The back seats in these B Bodies was actually quite roomy; probably every bit as much so as in the sedans. Only ingress/egress suffered, but as the upholstery shows, these back seats generally didn’t see much use. That’s the whole point of these coupes anyway.

It may be missing some of the key external attributes of a proper brougham, but the proof is in the badging.

I found these “aero” B Bodies to be significantly less appealing and graceful than the original 1977-1979 versions, especially these coupes with their vertical rear windows. It makes for ungainly proportions and that little upright rear window on every damn GM car for seemingly forever got so old.

I admit to very little attraction to this car other than the fact that it’s part of a vanishing breed on the streets. The Great Brougham Extinction seems to be well underway.