CC Outtake: 1983 Mustang GT – With Original Wheels

CC 279 002 1200

Unmolested Fox-body Mustang GTs are getting scarce enough as it is, but when I saw the original wheels on this one, I was truly amazed. Especially this particular style of wheel.

CC 279 003 1200

We had a discussion about the origins of this Ford wheel style once or twice before here. It goes back to the latter 70s, and was found on both American Fords and European ones. Australia too? And I seem to remember Ford making a wheel cover of the same basic design, used on trucks and vans. This was an evergreen.

CC 279 004 1200

How’s that for bringing back memories of these everywhere, once upon a time? Ford sold a boatload of them, and rightfully so. As the car mags repeatedly said, one couldn’t buy more fun for the money. In the 80s, when the V8 was thought to be going the way of the Dodo bird, the Mustang was the biggest keeper of the flame.

Yes, we hashed out the Mustang GT – Camaro IROC battle the other day. Count me in, on the Mustang side of the ledger. It didn’t look as swoopy as the Camaro, but it it was just such a better package all-round. And a better screwed-together one; using better quality screws, at that.

CC 279 007 1200

I had a very brief internal debate before I bought my ’83 T-Bird Turbo Coupe. The Mustang was cheaper, and had that husky V8. But I was a sucker for the new aero-bird’s styling, and the idea of performance and efficiency that the turbo four promised was seductive. On the open road, the turbo four was just fine, but in town, with passengers on board and the A/C on, it was miserable. My thoughts went to a 5.0 HO engine swap quite a few times. If only Ford had offered that in a Super Coupe version.

CC 279 006

No such luck. meanwhile, it’s nice to see someone still enjoying their bone-stock GT 5.0.