CC Outtake: 1984 Dodge Aries SE – Mmmmm, K

Even if it wasn’t a K-car, we went on a (very) slight Mopar Rampage today, so let’s finish it out with some vitamin K.

It should be noted that for some reason, I love virtually any K-based automobile.  Now, this love of mine is not of the sort that will probably ever be requited, but there is something that I just can’t resist about these boxy little buggers.

These little cars are very space efficient, and I find their overall simplicity rather appealing in the same way I like the simple Volvo 240*, Ford Fairmont, and the various GM A-body cars like Educator Dan’s beloved Chevy Celebrity.  There is something to be said about owning a car whose value doubles at each fill-up; set the whole thing on fire and what have you really lost besides some memories?

Judging by how chromy that wreath is, not to mention the grain of that luxurious, perhaps Corinthian vinyl, the SE must be a pretty special edition of the Aries.  Almost Chryslerlike, even.

What a modern font on a modern car!  Judging by the old wax buildup, this car was maintained pretty well for a large portion of its life.

Thanks to our pal TheProfessor47 for the photos which he left in our care at the Cohort!

*Do we seriously not have an honest-to-god Curbside Classic of just the Volvo 240?  How is that even possible?  Did I just overlook it?