CC Capsule: Lido Went On A Rampage One Day…

Much has been said about Chrysler’s abundant use of the K-Car platform throughout the 80’s and well into the 90’s. Yet the K-Car wasn’t the only multi-use platform Chrysler had in the 1980’s. This Rampage, either a 1982 or 1983 model, is based off the L-body Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon twins.

I spotted it in a hotel parking lot. Given its age and rarity the Rampage drew a remarkable amount of attention from those attending functions at the facility. Chrysler built these from 1982 to 1984; there was a Plymouth version, called the Scamp, in 1983 only.

This little Rampage was within 20 miles of the dealer location found on the tailgate.

The interior was in decent shape and it possesses the optional automatic hooked to the standard 2.2 liter four-banger. Four- and five-speed manuals were also available. The odometer said 29,700 although I suspect it had read that a time or two before.

With the historic plates, one can hope it has found a good home.